Project Management; A Horror Story!

Project Management; A Horror Story!

We have always been hearing about how tough project management has been. Making sure everyone stays focused, finishes the allocated tasks on time, stay with the budget etc.  How one always need to be loaded with knowledge, confidence, and motivation to lead the projects successfully.

What makes managing projects even messier is the involvement of various stakeholders like managers, team leaders, subordinates etc. So, in a nutshell, Project Management is somewhat equivalent to a horror story.

Let’s have a look at this! You have managed to get a big project, have assembled a dream team and are good to go. But wait, somehow things are not going as planned. Everything seems to be way off the actual plan, scope of work, schedule and cost involved. What went wrong? You had the project, the team, the budget and pre-defined milestones? But what you probably lacked was a proper plan A and plan B!

Yes, you heard me right, Plan B, every project needs one. You did have a clear-cut plan, but somehow something did go wrong. There are risks involved in all projects, some you anticipate and some you can’t. The most important thing a project manager needs to do is adapt to changes and be flexible.

Effective communication also plays an important role in keeping the project going and all the team members on the same wavelength. But what exactly is one thing that makes any project a success?

In my humble opinion, there’s not one single thing that would be solely responsible for the success or failure of a project. There are various factors that can influence the overall progress of a Project.

However, one of the most important aspects that can literally make or break your project is collaboration among all the team members. Not necessarily all team members would be as enthusiastic and excited as you to work on the project. But the good news is that with proper planning, right tools, and skills, realistic expectations, you can be part of a successful project.

Last but not the least, always be willing to ask for help when and if required!

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