Workplace Collaboration

Workplace Collaboration

While sitting in the office the other day, going through my emails I overheard my colleagues discussing an ongoing project. This made me think about this ‘not so new’ trend of collaboration at the workplace. Companies have always been seeking personnel who can work effectively as a team. So, what’s so novel about this ongoing trend these days?

Yes, we know that collaboration helps to enhance productivity and achieve group goals. However, today’s advanced technology, different tools, and platforms have made collaboration much more elaborate, comprehensive and flexible. It has given an opportunity to many people who work from home, remotely or is on the roads to collaborate with their team in real-time from around the world. Companies are benefitting from this high level of engagement and communication from its employee’s despite the geographical barriers.

According to recent research conducted out by Dell and Intel, more 50% of all global employees believe that they are more productive when working remotely than their office-based colleagues.

Despite all these benefits and flexibility, this might not be an ideal situation for some people. So, what can be done to address their concerns? One of the main factors contributing to the success of any company is the fact that how each employee can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of his/her team members?

Using collaboration as the main tool for more effective decision making and teamwork can result in increases productivity and employee engagement. Online collaboration platforms give an organization an ideal option to streamlining the processes and mobilize employee communication. One of the key reasons for using such platforms is to encourage active brainstorming sessions and share expertise, thus providing each team member with equal opportunities. It also helps to create a natural mentor-mentee relationship between employees across the different teams and departments, helping them achieve the common goals.

This is the Age of Transformation, where collaboration is all about evolving, supporting, inspiring and balancing each other in a positive environment. Today, most companies are viewing ‘Productive Collaboration’ as a soft skill that can prove as a common platform for improved flexibility and efficiency.

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