2017 Business Trends in IT

2017 Business Trends in IT

The only thing constant is change, so we have heard. Ever thought how technological evolution is different from biological one? Whereas Biological evolution follows an adaptive approach, technological evolution usually refers to variations in technology over time. Rapid development in technology over the years has given space to increased efficiency, opportunity and productivity in our everyday life as well as businesses.

In the last few years’ technology has played a very important role in transforming our day-today lives. The innovation in various fields has digitally connected the world which forecasts a sustainable future. As we move forward, we must not fail to acknowledge how social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc) has completely revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. 2017 will continue to witness this impact social media marketing has on the business world. For companies looking create a mark for themselves, it is important to grasp the dynamics of how technology can play an important role in driving consumer behavior.

Mobile; still the way to go

Mobile traffic has exceeded the desktop traffic over the last couple of years. And this trend is likely to increase in the future. According to a report published by Cisco VNI, Smartphone traffic will exceed desktop traffic by 2020, as it will only account for 29% of the total traffic. So having a mobile friendly website , besides also having an app will be a necessity for almost all businesses.

Real-Time Videos are changing our conversations

Snapchat and Facebook live are changing the way businesses interact with their customers. Consumers nowadays can tell from a distance if they are being sold and that’s not what they are looking for. What really works in the market place are the products and services which are personalized to connect with the targeted audience. So how can businesses benefit from this trend?

  • Use it as a training tool for your employees and other stakeholders
  • Expand your reach by offering new products and services in real time
  • Broadcast events to audiences/partners worldwide

Videos will be on top of Social Media

Transformation of social media has redefined the whole concept of marketing. More and more people make their choices based on recommendations (by strangers) instead of the brands. Up till now Social media platforms have played a very significant role in developing a relationship between marketers and consumers.

According to a recent survey, an average internet users spends about an hour watching online videos every day. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more than 70% of the companies consider video an effective tool for marketing and marketers believe it to be dominating trend in the coming year.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is the ‘IN’ Thing

As compared to traditional marketing, Social media has provided a framework which has transformed human behavior dynamics. According to a recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will becomes a $80 billion market by 2025. This is the time to start investing in your business for a more enhanced customer interaction.So how can business actually benefit from it? Both AR & VR offer immersive experiences to the users. AR offers a live view of real-life environment with augmented elements to it. Whereas VR offer users a whole new world (virtually) while it shuts out the real world. From support to service to entertainment industry, this technology can be used to improve customer service, how consumers can interact with the brands in real time.

Learn New Tips and Be Inspired

These were few of the trends businesses should look into for the coming year. And marketers should modify their strategies for social media more frequently now, in order for the business to survive. With the rapidly changing technology, it is now imperative for the businesses to have a basic technical know-how to make their presence online. What businesses need to focus more on is connecting customers rather than selling their products to them and social media/technology is the best way to do so.

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