With the ever changing work environment, a lot of businesses have realized that offering their employees the option to work remotely can do wonders both for the employee and the organization. According to a recent survey by Global Workplace, percentage of people working remotely have doubled in last 5 years.

Whether you are working from home full time or as a part time employee, productivity is one of the main hurdles faced by most of us in such scenarios. Working from home definitely gives you more flexibility but there’s always going to be a fear of not working up to mark to accomplish the tasks in a day’s work. Employers however can keep a tab on all the ongoing projects by deploying a cloud based CRM.

To begin with, every individual will have a different interpretation for ‘Productivity’. You might not be too happy with your productivity at home as much as you would like to be. So, what should be done? Working from home certainly calls for a certain level of concentration, as you should be able to block out distractions. However, taking a break to walk around or grab a bite can clear your head and might actually work in your favour.

We all will have certain tasks to finish each day, week and month. Some of them would be consistent while at times they may change considerably. How we evaluate and go about these tasks can help us to assess our productivity. You should keep a day every week, when you can brain storm about the things going on, how you would like to set goals & how you will accomplish them and most importantly what you would consider as productive win for the whole week.


Figure Out What Work Best for You

The cloud-based solutions and other CRM tools have revolutionized the way you can work. You definitely don’t’ need to be at your desk 9 to 5 to finish all the tasks on your to-do-list.

One of most challenging aspect of ‘working remotely’ would be your adjusting to your workspace. It could be a coffee shop at the corner of your street or a separate space at your home. As long as you have got an internet connection and are able to access and retrieve your documents.

Know your working habits, and tame them.

Self-discipline is key if you want to successfully work from home. Deciding on where, how and how long you would like to work in your new setup would be helpful. If you like to work in isolation without much distraction, then going to a neighbourhood café might not be a good option for you. You need to set your optimum working hours, determining which part of the day you are most productive.

 Build for Your Own Boundaries

This should address both physical and non-physical boundaries. For instance, having a spot dedicated only to your work will help you overcome un-necessary distractions. Non-physical boundaries refer to the system you would want to establish to perform your day to day tasks.


Once you start to work remotely, don’t expect it to be same as going to office and following a specific routine. You’ll be accountable for yourself and have to make sure your tasks get completed by the end of the day. Also since you will not have any of your co-workers around, you won’t be able to pass on some work to them or ask for their help. And last but not the least, as the whole ‘office setup’ is not around, you have to create one yourself, that works best for you.

Last but not least, Cloud Computing has given businesses a whole new approach, especially when it comes to working remotely. CRM which allow its users to work simultaneously on a document and ensure that the user has access to the most recent version of the document should be one of decisive factor for any business.

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